The ‘Eureka’ Moment of Mine

The journey was about to come

In the long history of humankind, there are probably a lot of amazing things that have happened that came from the small crazy ideas that miraculously pop into the head some moments just before going to sleep, the silent contemplation in the bathroom, or the talks with ourselves when we are combing our hair in the mirror.

One of the most absurd yet phenomenal, I guess, is the story of Archimedes, who found a way to assess the purity of the golden crown owned by Hiero of Syracuse. One day, he was stepping into a bath and noticed the water level rising out of the bathtub as he dipped himself into it. He shouted “EUREKA!” (I found it!) and it was the beginning of the further scientific discovery that has changed the history of modern physic science forever. Nowadays, we call it the Archimedes Principle.

Although the small ideas that come into our heads that turn into big impacts often create heroic stories, not all the “eureka” moments for everyone are the fairy tales about changing history or how it has advanced human civilization. Most of the time, that “dopamine flooding in the brain’ moment just makes people find something that changes their own lives or minds for the rest of their lives and not the wider society, but still, the impact is an impact.

That one crazy idea wouldn’t have come to my mind if I had just gone to sleep at midnight and I hadn’t talked to myself in front of the mirror. It was a rainy night. It shouldn’t be this frequently rainy in mid-April, anyway. I was facing myself in the mirror, then what came after was the thought and memories of how I have faced so much loss lately. It felt like everybody in the world had left me in this bedroom. It hurts me to be so lonely.

For sure, that wasn’t my first heartbreak. However, for some reason I never know, every heartbreak always feels like the first. The pain, the loneliness, and the despair hurt so much. In the mirror, I asked myself how it all happened. I answered my questions. Then I cried for myself. For some moments, my room was so quiet and all I could hear was my sobs, the soft mellow song from my phone, and the faint rain on the roof.

But when I considered how many things I should have accomplished in my life, and how daring I was to dream, the bravery returned, along with the desire to prove that I should not be this weak to go forward. I might have lost a lot of things. But I will not let myself lose something that should be the most precious thing in my life: hope.

From that moment, I thought I had to get to know myself again. Even if the old me is gone, I want to find the new one. The best way to find ourselves is to get on a long journey. To go far Longing away from home will always bring us so close to the deepest part of our hearts.

I felt the desire run through my whole body. While wiping my tears, I stare deeply into my eyes. I remember that I still have a dream to make a journey to one place that hasn’t been done yet. But this time I don’t want it to be a vacation. This should be a “proper journey”. A tiring journey with a lot of time to be alone and talk to me. To engage in so-called contemplation

In the quiet, rainy midnight in my room, I looked at the photograph of the ones in my life that hangs on the wall. They love me and I’m not alone, so I’ve got to be strong.

I’ve found my ‘eureka’ moment. I was going to make a backpacking trip to Bromo. Alone!



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Dimas Ajie

I wish I was a decent storyteller you could imagine how wonderfull ships that sails on my bedroom every night