How I perceive friendship in my quarter life

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As we get older, we gonna witness how life gradually changes not only to ourselves but also for those around us. As being in an early adult age, moving to a new phase hits differently than what happened in my adolescence because it now leaves me emotionally drained, but in the same time I have to manage it rationally.

To see and hear the stories of how my friends are struggling in college, graduating, getting their first job excitements, or even resigning, crying when breaking up, falling in love until getting married, and other come-to-adult age problems for almost everyday makes me feel so weird.

We were at our friend’s wedding when one of us joke about how lucky we are when most of our friends are married, some of us can still go to coffee shops, travel, do anything and wake up in the morning with no one in the same bed with us to overthink. For some moments, we were silenced. It just feels like when we are having a good time in our lives, we are being shown a glimpse of what tomorrow will be like. There are some fears and doubts; it is a hard feeling to believe that life has brought us this far. We had no idea.

As we get older, we gonna see and realize that age is literally not just a number. It’s more likely in our society perpective. People will find hundreds of reasons to relate every single thing that we do or should we do to a number of our age. “In this age we have to acheive this achieve that, doing A doing B” and other shits.

When I was younger, the dumb me pretend to be an adult with complex thinking and want to do every great things. Nowadays, I might have got all the wise to think exactly like what I imagined in the past but I avoid to think everything in the same complex way as when I was younger. I just want the simplest things in my life going forward, simply because I got no more energy than when I was younger. I just want to enjoy things.

I have seen a lot of people come into my life and then go away. During that cycle, I was sad to let some of them go, and the others just left with no hard feelings on me. One of the most important realizations I’ve had recently is that everyone in our lives matters, regardless of how many times or memories they leave behind. I mean, they come into our lives definitely with a purpose. Maybe not today, but someday we’ll be thankful to them for ever come into our lives.

I find it hard and rarely to get connected with someone emotionally. If they have come to the point where they have shared the same with me in so many things and years, I can make it almost certain that they’re more than just a friend, they’re the love of my life.



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